Monarch for Fox is one of the wildest shows I've ever worked on. I'll be telling stories about working on this one for the rest of my career. It was a short-lived country music drama, with a heavy emphasis on music.

Every episode had 2-3 original songs, which was absolutely amazing to cut and also the post-production process is exhibit A in why TV shows don't do that. It's incredibly difficult. The show had some absolutely amazing songs, both originals and covers.

When I first got the track for "Build A Life I Can Live By", my first reaction dismissed it as one of the more forgettable numbers. When I got the footage, the director shot the hell out of it and the cast was firing on all cylinders.

There were songs I liked more across the run of the series, but the coverage and the cutting pattern on this just clicked together. Humbly, the edit lifts the song up, and captures the relationship between Trace Adkins and Anna Friel's characters.

Also, I slipped in an actual Easter Egg that absolutely nobody will ever care about, but it still brings me joy that it's in there.

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